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About me

Who am I?

My name is Mason Kent, I was born October 17, 2001. My hobbies mainly revolve around gardening and programming. I also love the mountains, it’s where I plan to move and start a homestead.

What do I know about gardening?

I’ve had several gardens throughout the past few years, many of which were successes.

Gardening has always been an interest of mine, just growing my own food has always amazed me, it also taste delicious.

Mainly of my past garden experiences have been failures, in articles on this site I will go over those failures and give an explanation on what caused them and how I dealt with them the following year. (hint: living in a low land where the water doesn’t drain well makes it hard)

I will explain things I’ve tried and if they failed or succeeded and what I did to make them better or fix them.


Although not having as much experience as other gardening blogs, I will be fully honest with you about my failures, helping you to not make the same mistakes. I will also provide you with all my success stories to help you gain similar or better results.

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