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What would I do differently with my aquaponics setup?

Below are my ideas on things I would of done differently , leave a comment if you don’t agree or feel like something should be changed.


This is by far the biggest issue I had.

With an entire tree blocking the setup, it has less than an hour of direct sunlight per day. With the tree also being fairly thick of leaves, it blocks a lot of the light making the shade awfully dark.

How could I fix this?

I could move the entire setup to fix this issue, but instead I would rather build a new and better setup than moving this one.

I only have to move it around 10 feet to get much more light, which would of changed everything.

Make sure before you build your aquaponics setup to make sure you will have ample lighting.

Container Size


The depth of the container filled with rock is only around 2 inches, not very good for many of the plants I have.

The roots shoot out horizontally rather than going down vertically.

I had one plant take over almost the entire setup with roots before I removed it.

To fix this I would probably give 1/2-1 foot of depth to deal with the roots. I’m not really sure on this I’m just giving my ideas. Leave a comment below if you disagree.


The entire box is only around 2 x 6 feet, which is a generous number and it probably more around 2 x 4.

At first I felt this was fine, but quickly ran out of room.

I would of doubled if not tripled the size of the container.

This would of provided me with plenty of room for new additions.

‘Soil’ Medium

I don’t know how I would really classify this, I just can’t think of the word right now.

I used rocks in my aquaponic setup, not a horrible choice and not something I regret.

For the price, rocks were the cheapest things I could get with my low budget.

The biggest issue I have with them is the weight, this isn’t a massive issue but moving a plant is a pain. Roots always get messed up.

For a really low budget soil medium, I do recommend them but I would also recommend to try other things if you have the funds. If you have any advice on the soil medium let everyone know in the comments below.

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